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A new look at Construction Filters

Maintaining a clean duct system during construction is a problem every Air Conditioning company faces. During the South East Building Conference (SEBC) show Sky Air found a new way to provide air filters during construction. The” Jimmer” is an Exterior Mounted Filter, and captures dust and debris before it enters the duct system. Best of all you can see if the filter is dirty easier, know when to change, and provide visual proof that you are taking care of the customer. We recently used them on the Central Florida Kidney Center in Orlando, FL. They worked great and will definitely be using them in the future. Check out their website and buy straight from them! www.jimmerindustries.com

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Custom Homes & Designs

One of Sky Air biggest assets is finding and installing custom designs and applications that others just can not compete with. We pride ourselves in discovering the newest options and products. Putting new twist on custom homes design and indoor comfort technology. We intergrate whole home dehumidifiers, zoning equipment, and internet ready thermostats to meet the customers wants.

While some customers focus on efficiency, others asthetics, and others soley care about indcoor air quality. No matter what you hot spot we can deliver a system that meets your budget and exceeds your needs everytime. Home Air Conditioning is not where we stop, Sky Air can install Custom Bath Fans and Kitchen (Summer Kitchen) Ventilation that works on timers, motion sensors, humidity sensors, and temperature sensors!

Beow are some pictures of 2012 Custom Home Applicatons!

2013-03-29 11.24.59Fantech Hidden Bath Fans! As big as a can light,but fan motor is in attic!

2013-03-29 11.22.46Honeywell Presige IAQ Thermostat. Ventilation, and Humidity Control.

2013-03-29 11.26.08Rare Vintage Alunimum Side Wall Grills

Another Fun Project was a Custom Wine Room with the capability of holding 3,500 Bottles for my customer’s personal collection.

2013-01-07 10.49.592013-01-07 10.49.06

Blown-in Attic Insulation

Weather it’s Residential or Commercial –

If we take the heat load on any structure in Florida the roof/ceiling/attic heat load is by far the biggest impact on the cooling system. The most efficient ways to cut your energy bill are sealing (or replacing)  your duct work and adding insulation to your attic. Oddly enough they are also one of the cheapest home repairs to do! Sky Air llc believes you should not have to pay for what you do  not use. Therefore we only charge for the insulation that is actually blow into your attic by our training technicians.  We use Owens Corning Expanding Blown-in Insulation products.

Protection of personal items is top priority!

Protection of personal items is top priority!

Ownes Corning Attic Cat Expanding Blown-in Insulation Systems

Ownes Corning Attic Cat Expanding Blown-in Insulation Systems

Attic Cat Insulation Machine ready to work

Attic Cat Insulation Machine ready to work

Lee Hecht Harrison 3rd Floor Renovation

2301 Lucien Way, Maitland, FL

2301 Lucien Way, Maitland, FL

One of the newest projects has commenced construction at 2301 Lucien Way, Maitland, FL. The entire west wing of this huge office complex is completely being remodeled by Interstruct Inc. as General Contractor. Taking on the HVAC aspect is Sky Air llc.!  Demo has began and removal of existing metal duct work, VAV (variable air volume) control boxes, and Trane Split Systems within the space. New VAV boxes, metal duct work, supply,  and return grills…basically an entire new office space in the heart of the business district of Maitland.


Central Florida Kidney Center, Orlando

A new project has been awarded by Verde Construction Managers for the New Central Florida Kidney Center in Orlando, FL. This project consists of rehabbing an existing commercial building off Landstar Rd (just south of the Osceola and Buenaventura intersection). 5 Existing tenant spaces combined into one larger office and medical center. Existing Carrier Roof Top Units will be reused and new ductwork will be installed throughout. Honeywell Prestige Thermostats will be installed for each system and will have the capability of being monitored via a dedicated web address. Mobile Apps are also available for the Honeywell Prestige series with the use of Honeywell’s REDLINK wireless router.

Construction has started and materials are arriving. We will keep you posted as construction continues!

Any Questions on Efficient Options for opening your new business in an existing location can be directed to John Perez (407)-289-9856. He will be happy to meet you at the perspective location and give you honest pros and cons with regards to energy performance, indoor air quality, and condition of existing Air Conditioning Equipment.

Existing Roof Top Equipment, New Duct Work has started!

Existing Roof Top Equipment, New Duct Work has started!

One Month Later and all Supply and Return Duct work is done. Metal Duct has been inspected by Orange County Building Department, and external Johnsmanville Duct Wrap is installed and sealed with approved mastic. All Bath Fans are installed and we are waiting for ceiling grid to begin so we can start installing grills!

New Metal Duct Work at the Central Florida Kidney Center

New Metal Duct Work at the Central Florida Kidney Center

Duct work Installed in office areas. Spray Foam installed at ceiling

Duct work Installed in office areas. Spray Foam installed at ceiling

Local Organization Involvement

Sky Air is proud to be involved within the community in which it serves. Meeting new people, forging new relationships, and being able to give back to the community that has given us so much. Being part of the Green Revolution is more than just taking your recyling to the curb one a week. At Sky Air we pride ourselves on being good stewards of our environment through our actions and day to day activities.

Being a long standing member of the US Green Building Coalition and the Florida Green Building Coalition is one way we stay ahead of the curve new inovative pratices and code requirements. Becoming a Green Verifying Agent gives us an indepth view of what certifying agents are looking for and also ways to ease builder concerns that project certification is just another day on the job for Sky Air.

The local Chapter of the Home Builders Association has given Sky Air the opportunity to share our knowledge with the builder and remodeler’s councils on why indoor air quality and comfort is a real science.  At Sky Air we take a whole system approach and offer options to fit budgets on all sizes. The most important benifit of the HBA (other than meeting like minded local builders) is being able to share knowledge and hear concerns from another perspective. Sky Air is part of the membership committee and the remodeler’s council for the Metro Orlando Chapter. John Perez, president is pround to of earned the Certified Green Professional designation for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Sky Air llc. is a proud member and Accredited Business of the local chapter of the Better Business Bureau since 2012.

Local Organization Invovement     Local Organization Involvement

Ductless Mini-Split Installations

Heat Exchange Here

Heat Exchange Here (Photo credit: bmeabroad)

Europe, China, South America, and almost all of the Carribean have used Ductless Mini-Split as  a primary source of heating and cooling for generations. The idea is to have a dedicated system to cool an area where operation varies with owner usage and demand just makes sense. Due to limited space and smaller residences in other countries the use of Ductless Mini-splits are the only way to go.

In North America our approach is to use a single system with ductwork in the attic to bring the necessary air flow to every room in the home equally. The Pro’s are that there is only one piece of equipment in the home and the equipment can be out of sight in a closet, garage, or attic space. The Con’s are ductwork is field fabricated and has the tendence to be leaky thus losing cold air into the attic, and also suseptable to damage by other trades, pest, and dedgration of products over time. Another negative aspect is that most duct systems are fabricated using fiberglass ductwork that can capture dust particals, or can break apart delivering the fine particals into the home indoor environment and into the air you breath.

Ductless Mini-Splits are typically wall mounted, do not contain a supply or duct system, and independent to specific areas. New systems by LG and Panasonic have developed systems that can be attic mounted and have flexible ductwork attached to service multiple areas with ceiling grills to give the look of a typical system, but the technology and efficiency of a Mini-Split. Mitsubishi Mini-splits are another brand with huge efficiency ratings, ultra quiet operation and a mulitiude of application designs. There really is no space that this equipment can not cool! Garage Inclosures, Floirda Rooms, Bonus Rooms Above Garages, Basements, IT Rooms, the benifits are endless!

Ductless Mini-Split Installtion          Ductless Mini-Split Installation         Ductless Mini-Split Installations


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